The Ideas of the Queers, Are They Very Clear? Teddy Ferrara Review – by Crystiona Maiden

March 5, 2013 in Blog by Cindy-Bandle-Young-Critics

All productions have a purpose, and I believe the purpose of this production is to make you feel out of your depth. A group of queer students are seniors in college, all they want is equality and to be accepted. Gabe (Liam Benzvi) is the new leader of the queer students group, and he will fight for equality. While trying to be inclusive and innovative, Gabe meets a student named Teddy Ferrara (Ryan Heindl). Teddy is not a typical gay student, he is unusual. Though Gabe wants to be inclusive, he has better things to worry about. Gabe’s new boyfriend Drew (Adam Poss), has drama written all over him.

Awkward? Yes very. Uncomfortable? Even better. I believe the purpose of this production is to make you feel uncomfortable. I believe the whole point of this production is to make you aware of what’s going on in the LGBTQ community, but the production is very graphic, and it doesn’t have a distinct focus. In other words, this doesn’t have a main storyline that follows through. I believe the play director wanted to throw so many things at you but he did not have enough time. He tried to throw a bit of everything that’s going on in there, but it ended up perplexing.

Though Teddy Ferrara isn’t accepted around school, everyone on the internet loves to see Teddy sexually. Teddy has an affair with another male and his roommate records it with his laptop. Teddy kills himself. Nobody knows why Teddy killed himself, but we can infer why. The University President (Patrick Clear) wants to take action, he gives Teddy a building named after him in his recognition. The university president tries to understand, but he just doesn’t quite get it. I liked his character because he was amusing, typical, and he was the most relatable.

This production by Christopher Shinn, and directed by Evan Cabnet, is very graphic, it made me cringe in my seat. I believe that the thrust stage is best for this play to make you feel included. Though I might say, the front row seats on the side of the stage are not the best. The set designed by Lee Savage, was dull and unexciting. I know it’s a good thing to improvise, but the set design should be exciting. This is a topic that should be dealt with and a major concern in society.

Although, I struggled to undertake the name of the production being Teddy Ferrara. I understand that it’s a big deal that Teddy kills himself, but Teddy was not even the main focus of this production honestly. The end of this production was very upsetting to me, it had so many stories that I would have liked to know what happened. The production had a well thought out idea, but it was not conveyed in the performance.  I would say this should be directed to a younger audience more so than an older audience. Younger audiences are more aware of what’s happening in society, LGBTQ rights are beginning to come about, and these storylines are just centered towards a younger crowd more so than a younger audience.