Teddy Ferrara – by Monique Williams

March 5, 2013 in Blog by Cindy-Bandle-Young-Critics

Teddy Ferrara is indeed not a play for children; it exploits the human body, and uses explicit language. However under the demeaning acting methods the play reveals the motives of the human mind. It makes us wonder how far we will truly go to be happy. In this play a young boy Teddy Ferrara (RYAN HEINDL) is a freshman in college who has no friends, no style, and no social life. Throughout the whole play he wears these torn tarnished pants topped with this faded blue graphic tee; constantly harassing Gabe (LIAM BENZVI) to friend him on Facebook. Gabe is a leader of one of few LBGT clubs at their university, of which Teddy wants to be a member of.  Throughout the play Teddy is trying to discover himself, but falls victim to a well-known Adult sight for which he is famously known for luring others of the same sex.

Word gets out about Teddy’s erotic nights with his so called “Male Acquaintances” and after a few weeks of taunting and teasing from classmates and roommates Teddy decides to end his life. So the whole play is basically everyone’s opinion on Homosexuality and how the world deals with it, specifically the university. Some believe instead of the university promoting their support towards gay people; they should advertise that they don’t allow suicides to occur on school property.  For instance one part of the play that truly stood out to me was how the University President (PATRICK CLEAR) constantly tried to relate to the LBGT group by telling his irrelevant stories about, your everyday teens disrespectful teens. But these uninteresting stories always led away from the real issue, gay rights in the school districts. Now in this play there was always something that seemed more important than an in depth conversation with an all gay cast. Like the schools yearly class president elections. Or a intervention with a two-timing boyfriend.   The play is truly hilarious and exhilarating. You can sit comfortably in the Owen theatre and see everything. But don’t expect this marvelous scenario because the most you will get is a view of the scrumptious cupcakes on stage. Evan Cabinet director of the play did a marvelous job with the space he had to work with. The scene changes were quite exceptional and quick. And the actors where amazing they sat on that stage and pretended like we weren’t there; it was as if I was watching them live not act. Every word was so bold and real that I felt privileged for them to be able to perform in front of me. For instance Jay (CHRISTOPHER IMBROSCIANO) the brutally honest paraplegic constantly threw himself at Gabe only to get shot down. But the sad part about it was the rude statement made by Gabe. When he basically told Jay they will never get together because he is in a wheelchair. So this play involves many moral and political situations that make you question not only your beliefs but your society as well.  So next time you encounter someone who is different don’t judge them but stop to view life in their point of view.