Tara Levy – The Long Red Road

June 17, 2010 in Cindy Bandle Young Critics by Cindy-Bandle-Young-Critics

The Long Red Road by Tara Levy

Life is all about decisions. The choices we make in our lives now can impact our future. The Long Red Road is a play that illustrates how a man’s actions not only affect’s his forthcoming in life, but also those who are present in his life.

The production is creatively executed. The music and the blackout depict turning points in the production. Throughout the play, there are several acts taken place all at once. It is fascinating to watch the actors transition to the next scene.

The actors’ performance was exceptionally well. Sam, played by Tom Hardy, is a very realistic character. Many people know of, or can relate to Sam’s character. His acting made the audience sentient about his difficult past.  In contrast, Tasha’s character (Fiona Robert) was puzzling and somewhat overbearing. One minute she would have a Country South Dakota accent and then she would talk in a “city girl” dialect. Her role was not genuine because she would flip- flop between her accents.

 The Long Red Road addresses several profound messages. Responsibility and acceptance are two that are attributed. There are also mature subjects, such as sex, substance abuse and violence featured in the play. In addition, there were also scenes with nudity. For these reasons, young children are not promoted to see the play.

The Long Red Road is a groundbreaking production because it pragmatic of issues in life.