Tara Levy – Hughie / Krapp’s Last Tape

June 17, 2010 in Cindy Bandle Young Critics by Cindy-Bandle-Young-Critics

Hughie / Krapp’s Last Tape by TARA LEVY

Hughie Krapp’s Last Tape is written by Eugene O’Neill and directed by Robert Falls.  The production opens with piano music playing to set the scene for the lobby of the hotel. The lobby is dark and seems to be run-down. There are also light and sounds effects to indicate cars and trains passing by the hotel.

Brian Dennehy is a well-renowned actor. He and Joe Grifasi, the night clerk, are the only actors performing throughout the play.

In the first act, Dennehy is Erie Smith. Erie is a middle- aged man that has many troubles in his life. His main difficulty is accepting the lost of his dear friend, Hughie. To help Erie cope with his problems, he indulges in vices like drinking, gambling and having sexual relationships with several women.

Occasionally, Erie travels to the hotel to clear his head. In the lobby, Erie sees the night clerk and ironically, the clerk’s name is Hughie. Erie tells Hughie, the night clerk, about his troubles. The night clerk is small and very soft-spoken and Erie only needed someone to listen to him. For this reason, Erie and Hughie become friends.

Dennehy plays Krapp in the last act.  This performance displays an older man who is grieving and as a result, he has become fanatical.

The silence in the second act becomes slow and dreary. In addition, the second act can also confuse some of the audience.

Nonetheless, the production was a creative way to show how the lost of loved ones can affect a person.