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Fish Men

Candido Tirado’s Fish Men looks at genocides around the world.  But it is helpful not only to understand what genocide is but to also have a sense of its relationship to slavery in this country. Here is an article that will give you a historical overview.

A Brief History of Slavery

Chess is often categorized as a “war game,” but it is not alone in that category. Indeed, war games have existed in many times and cultures. In this article we look at other popular war games.

Chess and Games of War

It’s hip to be square. And as we can see from Fish Men, film, literature, music, and even fashion, it’s hip to know chess. We’ve compiled  evidence from the aforementioned categories in this look at chess in pop culture.

Chess in Pop Culture

Hustlin’ – it’s a phrase many of us know, but how we know it differs. Some hustlers are playing for pennies in the park while others work the long con. Learn more about the many definitions of the hustle here.


A long form synopsis of Fish Men is available below.

Fish Men Synopsis.

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