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Unit 3: Designing a Show

Directors will often have a vision in mind about the show they are working on. Choosing their design team, they often will look for designers that help expand on that intial idea. Most shows will have a few different designers: a Scenic Designer, a Lighting Designer, a Costume Designer, and a Sound Designer. For musicals, sometimes Musical Directors and Choreographers will also be sought out for the production. We talked to some of the designers from Goodman’s 11-12 season to learn about their process when attacking a new project:

-          Bob Christen, Lighting Designer for Race

-          Ana Kuzmanic, Costume Designer for Camino Real

-          Collette Pollard, Scenic Designer for Fish Men

-          Misha Fiksel, Sound Designer for Fish Men

-          Dianne McIntyre, Choreographer for Crowns

Designers are usually outside contractors that the theatre brings in to work on a production. The theatre will also have an extensive production team in house to build and work on each designer’s designs. This technical crew is led by a technical director. For each play, they work through three periods: Pre-Production, Production, and Technical Rehearsal.

As the designers and production crew work on building the physical appearance of the play, directors and actors are in constant rehearsals, making the words of the playwright come to life.


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