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Unit 2: Casting a Show

So, you’ve decided on a show and have rights to perform it? Now what? You need to find a cast of actors for the show and a creative team of designers to help craft it! Where do you start in selecting the right actors for the play? Whose role is that – the playwright’s, director’s, or producer’s? What’s a design team and how many designers do you need? Who selects them?

-          Choosing the cast for a show is a difficult process. Learn all about the important role of the Casting Director at a theatre with past Goodman Casting Associate, Logan Vaughn. Then, get an insider view of an audition.While the casting director’s main role is to find all the actors for a theatre’s various shows, the director will search for set, sound, lighting, and costume designers to help the director’s vision come to life. How does the director choose the right design team?

After all the artists and actors have been assembled, each group begins constructing the production in their own respective ways. Directors and actors begin rehearsals, while designers will work together to design the different technical aspects of the show.


Unit 2: Casting a Show Table of Contents

Choosing a Cast

Choosing a Design Team