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Welcome to From Page to Stage, Goodman Education’s behind-the-scenes resource to THEATRE! Here, you can learn about all the steps and the people needed to put on a theatrical production, to get a play from words on a page to a show on stage.

Theatre is more than just acting. Directors and dramaturgs help guide the artistic vision of the production. Designers help create the world of the play, while the production team builds it and makes it come to life. In musicals, like this season’s closer, Crowns, choreographers are essential to bridging the gap between spoken and musical communication on stage. Check out Goodman’s interview with Dianne McIntyre, award-winning choreographer for Crowns!

While actors, directors, and designers work hard to create the world of the play on stage, a whole team of administrators help support the production behind the scenes. They find the creative teams that make the work as well as campaign and market the shows to get audiences into the theatre. Even so, members from the Box Office and Front of House step are usually the first point of contact between a theatre and its patrons. It takes a lot of teamwork to make a theatre run!

If you are looking for quick notes about productions, check out our timeline! From A is for Actors to Z, use our glossary of terms to pick up some new vocab from the wide world of Theatre!

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Table of Contents

Unit 1: The Script

Unit 2: Casting a Show

Unit 3: Designing a Show

Unit 4: Rehearsals

Unit 5: Administration and Support

Unit 6: Previews, Run, and the Close of a Show

A Christmas Carol

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page to stage
From Page to Stage

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Black n Blue Boys/Broken Men

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Teddy Ferrara

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Measure for Measure

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By the Way, Meet Vera Stark

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Bayard Rustin speaking to a crowd in 1965. Photo by Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division (via Wikimedia Commons)
The March on Washington

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Momma’s Boyz

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