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Measure for Measure


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Shakespeare 101

Here you will find a brief introduction to William Shakespeare – his life, works, and contribution to the English language.

Shakespearean Insults

Resources about Shakespeare’s various curses, cusses, and insults.


A brief look into criminalization of people in the United States and resources on three groups who are often criminalized.

1970s Journalism

Explanation of the journalism climate of the 1970s.

1970s New York City

What the atmosphere of 1970s New York City was life shown through articles and videos.

Gloria Steinem

Brief introduction to Gloria Steinem and references to her work.

Time Out New York’s 100 Best NYC Songs

A list compiled of the 100 best songs about New York City

The World of the Understudy

This is a companion piece to The World of the Understudy found in the Measure for Measure study guide. Look here for extended interview.

Measure for Measure Videos

Here find some fun videos about Measure for Measure




A Christmas Carol

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page to stage
From Page to Stage

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Black n Blue Boys/Broken Men

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Teddy Ferrara

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Measure for Measure

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By the Way, Meet Vera Stark

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Bayard Rustin speaking to a crowd in 1965. Photo by Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division (via Wikimedia Commons)
The March on Washington

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Momma’s Boyz

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