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September 2, 2010 in Blog by Goodman Education

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Student collaborators from VOISE participate in the Johnstown-Katrina Project, March 2010.

Click the arrow above to play Open Systems, the most recent recording of the play derived from Johnstown/Katrina Project!

The Johnstown/Katrina Project, entitled Open Systems, was created through an intergenerational collaboration with partners in Chicago, Illinois and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This play was commissioned through Goodman Theatre’s Education and Community Engagement department, and is based on true stories collected in the Chicago area.

Student collaborators from Northside College Prep.

Chicago Public School students participating in the Goodman’s Student Subscription Series wrote dialogue, poetry, and short stories contained within the play. Their works, along with the narratives of Katrina volunteers and survivors, comprise Open Systems.

In honor of the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, this play was recorded by WBEZ – Chicago Public Radio, on Tuesday August 24th, 2010, with professional actors at the Goodman.

A note from Chicago actress, teaching artist, and Open Systems creator, Megan Carney: This play would not be possible without the following storytellers who shared their life experiences: Linda Grady, Karen Triche, Kristin Bivens, Brad Brubacher, Willard Dumas, and Willa Taylor. The initial workshop cast offered essential ideas and responses in the development of the recorded draft: Abu Ansari, Khanisha Foster, Paul Whitehouse, JeNae Taylor, Tori Lewis, Michael Johnson, Angelo Cotto, Lauren Escobar, and Vikki Giannini.

Student collaborators from Whitney Young.

A closed system does not interact with its environment. It does not take in information and therefore is likely to vanish. An open system receives information, which it uses to interact dynamically with its environment.

Openness increases its likelihood to survive and prosper.

- Communications Theory: University of Twente, The Netherlands

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Special Thanks to WBEZ, Chicago, for audio archiving this play. Their archive of Open Systems can be found at: Chicago Amplified – Open Systems. For more information on our Student Subscription Series, or to obtain applications, visit our SSS program page here!

WBEZ reporter Lynette Kalsnes’ story on the Johnstown-Katrina Project is here Educators Use Hurricane Katrina to Teach Surprise Lesson.