Jennifer Lopez – Hughie / Krapp’s Last Tape

June 17, 2010 in Cindy Bandle Young Critics by Cindy-Bandle-Young-Critics

Hughie and Krapp’s Last Tape sadly just two big mistakes… by Jennifer Lopez

Hughie by Eugene O’Neill directed by Robert Falls and Krapp’s Last Tape the one man show-by Samuel Beckett directed by Jennifer Tarver both failed to capture the audience’s attention. They lacked what we Puerto Ricans call sazón, a key ingredient to add when trying to capture flavor. The double feature had no real action, no real excitement, and no real point. I would have not paid to see them. I went in with great expectations due to the big name actor-Brian Dennehy but came out with a headache and disappointment.

I couldn’t help but look around and notice the crowd was much older than I; so don’t take your teen to see this Goodman double feature. The storyline did not captivate me at all. There was no plot to follow during the entire two excruciating hours. The two plays just did not make any real sense.  The acting was dismal at best and the expectation level was not met thus letting me down.  The set was too basic and limited to work with; no variation. There was not much too visually invest in. The musical aspect of the program was not to acoustically amusing. 

Hughie and Krapp’s Last Tape: Bland, flavorless, and below par…