Happy World Theatre Day 2011!

March 27, 2011 in Blog by Willa Taylor

Here is the WTD2011 message from our Goodman Youth Arts Council…

World Theatre Day is celebrated around the world on March 27th. But we believe that theater is a reflection of our lives in the every day. It is in the rituals of small villages in the Congo, on the tiniest islands in the Pacific, even in the classrooms Chicago schools. It mirrors the world around us and helps us shape a new way of being through conviction and community.
The magic of theater teaches us the power of one singular voice and the collective strength of a diverse chorus. Together, artists and audience alike realize how theater heals the soul, changes the mind and emboldens the spirit.
Through our experiences in the rehearsal room and on the stage, we know that by embracing both art and the idea of a human family our talents can be used for more than just a show. We are part of a continuum of storytellers who weave tales of truth to re-imagine our world.
We are youth of today, artists of our times.
We are global citizens and local students.
We are cultural watchdogs and agents of change.
We are GYAC – Goodman’s Youth Arts Council.

Go here to check out their amazing video message.