Camino Real – By Yliana Velazquez

May 21, 2012 in Cindy Bandle Young Critics by Cindy-Bandle-Young-Critics

Never before have I encountered such an unforgettable experience such as Camino Real.  This artistic performance didn’t leave a clear message for me, but it definitely kept me thinking well beyond the time I spent in the theater.  Each character brought a different personality and identity to the play and brought them together under a common search on the Camino Real.  Tennessee Williams uses his characters as instruments towards the greater story of his road to nowhere.  With a different story going on with each character in the background, the audience begins to recognize the commonality between them all: a lost search, and the fear to find what they’re looking for.  Stuck in the chaos of the Camino Real, the audience can see relationships formed, and relationships betrayed from one character to the next.

The eye-grabbing costumes proved extremely suitable to the exotic characters.  The unique costumes used for each character paralleled the uniqueness of the characters themselves.  American boxer, Kilroy, for example exemplifies his fighter personality and the reality he attempts to bring to the Camino Real.  The audience begins to identify the characters not by name, but by what they portray and bring to the performance.  They all come together to demonstrate an amazing performance specifically in the “I Put a Spell on You” number.  The stage lit up incredibly with lights and dancers through the collaboration of characters.  This bizarre performance is a bit distracting to the purpose of the play, however; the audience becomes so mesmerized by the peculiarity of the play that it becomes hard to grasp the concepts.  With the distance the characters have gone to get where they are stuck, and the distance they have yet to go to get out, they become unsure of their own existence.  Lost in their own world of seclusion, their minds lose the sense of reality that has kept them from complete insanity.