A Scrootagious Christmas Tradition Returns to Chicago for the Holidays – By Crystiona Maiden

January 7, 2013 in Cindy Bandle Young Critics by Cindy-Bandle-Young-Critics

Looking for a play the whole family will enjoy? A Christmas Carol has a great deal of diversity. I love to see different ethnicities come together on stage. As a 16 year old African American young lady, I very rarely see things like this. Usually, you see a cast of all one race. It is quite exciting to see how blacks and whites can work so well together in a play that was really designed for only one race. This play is based on an 1843 book by Charles Dickens later adapted by Tom Creamer. During this time Blacks were the last thing on peoples mind.

The play is all about deliverance. All about how Scrooge was a bitter man, with no heart for Christmas. Until one day he finally came to the old man senses of his, and realized Christmas can actually be a great holiday.

Overall, the atmosphere in the theater was just fantastic. Everyone in the theatre was on the edge of their seats waiting to see what would happen next. The scene on stage almost made me feel as if I was a person from that time period. It was so appealing. Scrooge’s work place was cold and monotonous; I started to cringe as if I was there. Also, at Scrooge’s nephew’s party, I felt like I was at the party enjoying Christmas with the characters. It makes me excited for the Christmas holiday.

In particular, the lighting was excellent. At one point, they flash the lights so bright that if you were falling asleep, you won’t be sleep anymore! It keeps you engaged in what is going on, on stage. You could see everything great, I did not have a problem at all with lighting from my seat. The costumes were good for the period that was set forth. The atmosphere and the costumes both worked hand in hand. The music that was in the play was splendid; it reminds you of sitting around caroling with family and friends.

Larry Yando played as Scrooge plays his part so well. I must admit, there was a time where Scrooge screamed and I screamed with him. Everyone around looked at me sideways. When you think about all the time and dedication Larry Yando put forth into playing his part, it all makes sense. All of the characters work together to make everything perfect. I loved seeing all of the characters work together during the Christmas party at Scrooge’s work place. More characters that I liked were the Ghost of Christmas Present (Penelope Walker) and the Ghost of Christmas Past (Elizabeth Ledo). They were both so jumpy and full of joy. I loved every bit of it.

At one point, I thought that there were too many people on stage. It got really confusing to pick whom to focus on. Overall, I really liked this play, and would encourage anybody looking for a traditional play to go see the play A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre.