A Heartwarming Tale for All Ages – By Monique Williams

January 7, 2013 in Cindy Bandle Young Critics by Cindy-Bandle-Young-Critics

Warning: This play includes large amounts of smoke, bright lights, and blood curdling ghost. If you have severe health problems this production is probably not for you. But don’t fret you can always purchase a ticket for another life changing play at the Goodman Theatre.

Bah-Humbug it’s that time of the year again when a Christmas carol rolls in to town. But act quickly because seats are limited and so are the performances. Don’t miss your chance to see this heartwarming classic adapted by Tom Creamer and Directed by Steve Scott; playing now at the Goodman Theatre until Dec. 29th.

Everyone knows the story of a Christmas carol and the notorious Scrooge’s fate if he doesn’t change his greedy ways. In this year’s performance at the Goodman Theatre they show how Scrooge, played by Larry Yando, overcame all obstacles put in front of him. This includes grim dark mysterious ghosts, a great hatred placed on him by the town’s people, and a great deal of power that comes with his money. The obstacles faced in this play show you that if you repent for your sins and negative behavior you will live a long blissful life.

The lights dim and the curtains are raised; the common folk appear on stage dressed in torn pieces of cloth that they unfortunately call clothes. And they began to speak of a man whom is greedy, selfish, and unworthy of living. Yes this man is the notorious Scrooge; which we all have grown fond of thanks to the classic novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickson. This was one of my favorite scenes in the whole play. This is because it was a simple scenery design but still captivated my eyes and let me see the struggle of the town. The desperation on their faces shows that they were in dire need of rescue. Who will be the one to save them?  Will they ever be saved, or continue to live a life of poverty?

A Christmas Carol is a two hour grand event which keeps you on your toes for the entire play.  I feel in love with the scenery the first time I seen it.  It was gloomy and dark, and no I’m not just talking about his child hood. The scenery was enormous and enhanced every act in the Play. The large gate which appeared in numerous of the acts filled the room with the fearful thoughts of being trapped; and worst trapped at school. Although there were some dark scenes in the play they had cheerful elegant scenes as well. Like Scrooge’s marvelous loan shop. It was filled with numerous bright colors which put you in the Christmas mood. The atmosphere of this play was just incredible it was friendly, safe, and even welcoming. The audience comfortably watched the astonishing actor Larry Lando in his lead role as Scrooge. He not only captivated the audience with his performance but he allowed us to believe in his terror and excitement. His facial expressions were stern, hard, evil, and yet at another point happy and welcoming. As if his face was created specifically for this play.

A Christmas carol is about a young man who finds his true love and a job which he takes pride in. However after the years pass he becomes obsessed with his job and the money it brings in. This causes him to lose his love, Belle. And gain the reputation of a cheapskate no good human being. In the play the whole town hates him and he becomes the punch line to every bad joke. Will he die alone? Will he ever win his love back? You will have to watch to find out.

All of the actors and actresses portrayed their roles to fullest extent really capturing the true essence that the play intended. This year’s cast was a group of wonderful racially mixed cast who draws the audience in with their every word and movement. And the best part of the whole play was there costumes; they were bright and planned out to the very last seam. These costumes created by Heidi Sue McMath were outstanding; they were relevant to the time period and appealing to the eye. Literally I felt the love and Christmas spirit through these designs; especially the dress of the ghost of Christmas present. It literally reminded me of a big Red tree with all the trimmings. And the abundance of glitter placed on the dress left you with no option but to stare in awe of the magnificent dress.

The Christmas carol is an extraordinary play about a man’s exploration to redemption. This is a play that needs to be seen worldwide. I urge you to go see this amazing play.