A Christmas Carol – By Taylor Parker

January 7, 2013 in Cindy Bandle Young Critics by Cindy-Bandle-Young-Critics

Charming and beautiful are a few words used to describe this wonderful adaption the Christmas classic A Christmas Carol. Director Steven Scott brings fourth with the use of traditional 1800′s wardrobe and youthful actors to bring to life the long journey of redemption taken by an old unfriendly man. As shown through the production the use of the different effects such as fog and strobe lights helps to introduce the three ghost who visit Ebenezer Scrooge (Larry Yando) to hopefully show him there’s a better way for him to live his life.

The set came alive as all details from the candles burning inside the counting house to fireplace in Scrooges house really helped to set the tone and drama brought to each scene. When former partner Jacob Marley (Joe Foust) appears in Scrooges bedroom the ambiance changes dramatically instead of it being as reunion of the two it turns a bit frightening as Jacob tries to explain the reasoning for his arrival. Over the course of the show the three ghosts bring in their own creations as they arrive.

The ghost of Christmas Past arrives as fluorescent and a little peter pan-ish as she flies about the stage. While the ghost of Christmas yet to come stays silent and dark never once speaking a word to scrooge but instead showing what is to come Scrooges life. The ambiance of the whole production brought the stage alive and brought to it some imagination as to some things that may have not been brought up.

The actors all displayed their role very well. Larry Yando played Scrooges role flawlessly his reaction to every little thing that happened was truly magnificent. Tiny Tim (Matthew Abraham) showed the true sadness that comes along with the story. When you introduce the reason behind Scrooges words “Decrease the surplus population”, believably struck a chord in the wake of Tiny Tim’s perish.

I would however like to say that due to how the audience sat the audio could have better so as to make sure every single person in that theater could hear it.

The love that erupts from the crowd proves that the Goodman Theater’s production of A Christmas Carol is worth seeing and leaves you truly feeling the Christmas spirit.